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GIS Supervisor at the City of Columbia, Missouri

8 Apr 2022 10:48 AM | Dan Rose

The City of Columbia, located in beautiful mid-Missouri, is seeking qualified applicants for the position of GIS Supervisor. This vital position within the Information Technology Department joins a 52-person IT team that manages a large Enterprise GIS and supervises GIS work throughout all City Departments.

Apply here: https://www.gocomojobs.com/postings/26651

The successful candidate will hold the following knowledge and skills:
- In-depth knowledge of ESRI’s entire ArcGIS platform including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise (SDE) / Server / Portal / Monitor, and ArcGIS Online.
- Thorough knowledge of multi-user, enterprise GeoDatabases. Thorough knowledge of GIS theory and practice including cartography, coordinate systems, spatial database design, and spatial analysis.
- Working knowledge of computer programming & scripting languages. Ability to perform accurate and detailed work. Ability to design and implement complex computer applications and integrate with existing systems.
- Ability to evaluate new software, hardware, and data needs, and to develop plans for the long-term success of GIS. Ability to work effectively with management of town and outside agencies in assessing problems and in establishing priorities.
- Must be skilled in preparing and implementing short and long-term plans; communicating effectively orally, in presentations, and in writing; supervising people and projects; and in developing and monitoring budgets.
- Must have the skill to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical problems independently, and have thorough knowledge of Scrum/Agile project workflows and development.

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