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17 Mar 2020 1:29 PM | Amber Shultz (Administrator)


MAGIC 2020 is still on, just with new and improved dates - August 10-13, 2020. Same location at the Doubletree in downtown Omaha. 

Thank you so very much for your patience.  This has been a challenging few weeks for all of us.  

The MidAmerica GIS Symposium is moving to August 10-13, 2020.  We will follow the same pattern of Monday (8/10) and Tuesday (8/11) morning workshops and the Symposium will run Tuesday (8/11) noon to Thursday (8/13) noon.  Our hope is that very little will change with the exception of the dates.  

More instructions will follow and we hope you can still attend.  Our plan is evolving but for attendees we hope to simply roll registrations forward for those can still attend and refund those that cannot.  We will do everything we can to make the transition easy on you. 

MAGIC is a not-for-profit organization and for us the loss of the Symposium could be catastrophic.  We appreciate your patience as we work through this and appreciate all the support you have given us over our 30+ years.  We will continue to notify you of any changes via email.  You can also visit www.magicgis.org for updates.  


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