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MidAmerica GIS Consortium

We believe geospatial technology creates value far reaching from ourselves. We are a network of dedicated leaders in the fields of mapmaking, location services, & data management.

programs & projects

Having the 2022 Conference is certainly our largest undertaking. However, did you know that with funds generated from the conference we are able to hold workshops, webinars, sponsor activities, and provide grants? This is just a small taste of what being a member of the MAGIC community will do for you!

Each cycle (every 2 years) we re-evaluate our goals, objectives and the needs of the region. We have standing committees and working groups. The working groups typically change focus every 2 years to bring our membership events and educational opportunities that make us the strongest geospatial community in all the nation.  


MAGIC represents 9 States and provides advocacy and outreach for our membership. We are also a member of the Coalition for Geospatial Organiztions (COGO).


We encourage the promotion of geospatial technology and cooperative projects. As a member of a MAGIC state, you are eligible to apply for grants. 


As geospatial managers, we often find ourselves dealing with more than geospatial. IT, HR, Finance - join others just like yourself to help navigate this ever expanding duty!


Our 9 State Clearinghouses have joined together to facilitate progress and growth while fostering a spirit of collaboration. This successful model continues to grow!

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