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MidAmerica GIS Consortium

We believe geospatial technology creates value far reaching from ourselves. We are a network of dedicated leaders in the fields of mapmaking, location services, & data management.


Do you have a great project that you would like to share?  We are looking for presentations!  We are looking for 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute presentations in all types and experience levels:  technical, non technical, user story, novice, intermediate, advanced, etc. 

Potential Session Topics:
  • NextGen 911
  • LiDAR
  • 3DEP (Processing and Distribution)
  • Use Cases
  • State Planning/Coordination
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Imagery
  • Emergency Management (Data Sharing, Disaster Management, Floods)
  • COVID Data Maps and Apps
  • Case Studies
  • 3D GIS
  • All Things UAVs
  • Online GIS (AGOL, Management/Adminstration, Applications)
  • Enterprise GIS/Portal
  • Open Source GIS
  • Arcade, Python and Scripting
  • County/Municipality
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • Survey 123/Fieldmaps
  • Census (LUCA, BAS)
  • Redistricting
  • GeoEnabled Elections
  • Transportation


If you have any questions please contact the Symposium Chair, Mark Yacucci or Program Chair, Shellie Willoughby

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