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Grant Details

Name: Lincoln County, SD Watershed Mapping Collaboration

Contact: John Peters, Lincoln County, SD

Amount: $5000

Years: 2014-2016


In December of 2014, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began collaborating with five loca and state agencies on a project for “high-resolution hydrographic mapping” within 3 adjacent 10-digit hydrologic units (HUs) located primarily within Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties. The five participating agencies include the cities of Harrisburg and Sioux Falls, Lincoln County, the East Dakota Water Development District, and the South Dakota Department of Transportation. Project activities are guided by a proposal/work plan dated December 12, 2014 that identifies four primary tasks to be addressed. An additional fifth task also will be addressed as a result of a successful grant application submitted by Lincoln County to the MidAmerica GIS Consortium (MAGIC), which now constitutes a seventh cooperating entity (inclusive of USGS). This task will consist of further subdividing all 12-digit HUs (nested within the 10-digit HUs) in the project area into 14-digit HUs and will be completed after the majority of other project activities have been completed.

Project implementation essentially started December 18, 2014, when East Dakota Water Development District (EDWDD) approved a cost-share assistance request from the city of Sioux Falls to partner with the other project cooperators. An important change from the initial proposal was to include a groundtruthing component (primarily an inventory of culverts and other relevant conveyance features), as noted on page 5 of the EDWDD December minutes ( This change is reflected in the modified project proposal (Phase 1, task 2), which now states that “USGS staff will coordinate with cooperating agencies and other interested parties for ground truthing of all preliminary data sets. The other agencies will have primary responsibility for ground truthing to levels of detail deemed necessary to meet their needs. USGS will then have primary responsibility for updating the preliminary flow direction and flow accumulation datasets, based on results of ground truthing.” As such, an important initial activity has been to coordinate with the project (funding) cooperators and other potential stakeholders in developing and implementing efficient approaches for accomplishing this task. Activities associated with coordination efforts are noted in a following sub-heading that is separate from other major project activities.

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Final Summary Report
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