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MidAmerica GIS Consortium

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Grant Details

Name: Can GIS Cure the Common Cold?

Contact: Anya Butt, Central College
Pella, IA

Amount: $3200

Years: 2012-2014


Health care is a national preoccupation in personal as well as public domains. A session at the 2013 Iowa Governor's Public Health Conference revealed that the Iowa Public Health Department has only recently become exposed to the many possible uses and benefits of GIS for its programming. It did that through a grant from the Center for Disease Control. The grant provided 2 days of training using faculty from the University of Michigan.

This project surveyed the current awareness and use of GIS in Public Health Care departments of the MAGIC region. The project would then offer a two-day workshop on the many ways to use GIS in Public Health Care. The goals of the workshop include:

  1. showing how GIS can facilitate the analysis of disease patterns as well as the evaluation of heath care programs and facilities throughout various geographies;
  2. demonstrating how GIS analysis can be used to foster appropriate investigation of the causes behind the spatial distribution of maladies and diseases; and
  3. laying groundwork for planning regional GIS training programs focused on public health care.
Final Summary Report
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