New MAGIC Identity!

24 Feb 2017 8:26 PM | Amber Reynolds (Administrator)

We are really excited to announce our new MAGIC logo. Not only does it replace one that we've been using for 30 years, but we believe it makes a statement as to who we are. The logo is comprised of 9 segments, each representing a MAGIC state. But, they come together as a whole, illustrating our unification - which is what the MAGIC community is. We hope you like it too!


  • 26 Feb 2017 10:43 AM | Susan Norton (Administrator)
    I love the new brand! The logo and the updated messaging truly tell the story of MAGIC. This new web site is the bomb. Clean and modern and informative as well. Great job!
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  • 3 Mar 2017 4:40 PM | Nathan Watermeier
    The logo and identity is great. I can also see the subliminal GIS data with geodetic framework in the logo - streets, buildings, earth, water, and network patterns. Can't wait to see this on a shirt or a flag for my boat!
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  • 29 Mar 2017 11:22 AM | Bryce Good
    The logo and web site look great! Nice job!
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